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In 1992, founder and CEO Scotty Caroom set out to change the way schools used energy in the mid-south. From the beginning, Excel Energy Group’s ambition was to achieve two goals; furnish kids a better learning environment with enhanced lighting and save schools money. Over 26 years, Excel has upgraded more than 1,700 school districts in the US at a dollar value of more than $225 million. The company specializes in retrofitting or replacing inefficient lighting systems without subcontracting to third parties.

Excel Energy Group’s mission and vision has evolved through our continued growth as well. While we remain dedicated to those two goals, we have expanded our scope. We are committed to saving any organization (not just schools) money through customized energy efficient solutions while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint. Furthermore, by using cutting-edge lighting technologies, we can improve working and learning environments by supplying cleaner, whiter, more natural looking light that requires less energy (and therefore less money) to obtain. We are so confident in our ability to save you money that we contractually guarantee your savings—if your decreased energy bills do not pay for the entire cost of the project, we will repay the difference.

Excel Energy Group is committed to excellence in energy efficiency. It is our sole desire to help organizations save more money, use less energy, emit less pollution, and help provide optimal learning and working environments for all of our clients. That is why our customers remain our most credible marketing resource—their positive experiences with Excel Energy Group’s dedication to excellence help our products sell themselves. We sincerely hope that your organization will choose to enjoy our customized, turnkey approach to your energy efficiency needs.